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11 Easiest Pets To Take Care Of

Very often it happens so that people ask themselves or their friends the question which pets are easy to care for. The reasons for this query may be different, for example, some people like good small pets that do not occupy much space, some others are looking for the best low maintenance pets, because they may be busy in the office for the whole day or they have not got so much time as to walk dogs or entertain guinea pigs.

Another vital question is if humans really have problems to understand how to take care of pets or if they are afraid of responsibility wishing anyway to keep some small furry easy to care for a pet that would gladly meet them in spite of many hours’ absence.

easy to care for pets

1. Chinchilla

Easy pets exist, surely, they need a little place to live. Some of them at first sight only, you know. Because they may be not so tidy and compact as people expect. For example, chinchillas like having dust baths and finding some dirt 2 meters’ around the cage every day shall not surprise you. Being not only cute but smart, these animals could be even taught some basic tricks if you provide proper treatment. But it’s for you to choose if to get something in between a cute puppy and an amusing cat or to clean your carefully designed apartment daily.

easy to care for pets

2. Rabbit

Nevertheless, if you mind providing much space to your pet, it’s better to forget about rabbits as well. First, historically they get accustomed to being prey, which means these interesting animals (you know, represented in more than 60 breeds) need some attached place to hide. Parentheses do not show information on breeds to be not essential.

You know, depending on the breed, rabbits may be either very delicate or painful. It also concerns their way of dealing with children. Some of them are really reliable and friendly as well as easy animals to take care of while others could accidentally or intentionally hurt kids when they feel unhappy, uncomfortable or reluctant to be squeezed.

It’s proven that sometimes rabbits are not easy to care for pets because they do not only make their owners worry about being lost or hiding but they could become temperamental and difficult to control. Anyway, some measures to keep rabbits clean are not so complex. Thus, brushing them weekly, cleaning their maze and maintaining a good nutrition plan may be sufficient to keep both rabbits and their owners happy.

What is the easiest pet to take care of?

If you are looking for the answer to the question what is the easiest pet to take care of but you are not sure you have enough experience, beginner pets’ list will help you to choose the best pet option which fits the size of your apartment and other requirements you may have. For instance, rodents like guinea pigs, gerbils and rats are perfect pets for beginners because they are small pets that are easy to care for.

easy to care for pets

But, you know, many people are wrongly assuming that small animals don’t need a lot of space. Many cute small pets still need plenty of space to run around in, foliage to hide as well as they need some toys to play with. While some other small animals may be the pets that are easy to take care of or are comparatively cheap, setting up their living environment is often a costly endeavor.

For example, reptiles need a climate-controlled zone, rodents like playing, and such equipment as spinning wheels and tube mazes may be useful and quite expensive. And as we have already said, many small animals like rabbits shall have some place to hide because their natural instinct makes them do it as they are used to be prey.

easy to care for pets

3. Fish

Fish are fairly easy to care for pets, but only if you keep gold or beta fish. Other species are not the easiest pets to take care of if you are not a specialist or you do not read special references in order to provide a proper comfortable environment for your fish. Some other species like glass catfish require their owners to follow some easy standards as well.

Glass catfish are pretty easy to care for; as long as their owners know the basics it’s not that challenging to keep these fish happy and healthy. They may need regular filtration or water cleaning, for instance, nothing more.

easy to care for pets
Glass catfish

Some fish owners, nevertheless, say that there is no such a notion as the easiest pet to care for or the most difficult one because the required maintenance plan to be followed for fish is simple enough: just to provide food and filtered water. “Community” fish tanks can be constructed in a variety of ways, it just depends on what kind of community you want. For example, cichlids could create an active and interesting social community.

You know, some aggressive fish like red-tailed black shark, or shy and sensitive fish like celestial danios could do the same. The key is to read up on the conditions that a fish will prefer before you buy it. There are no such things as bad fish, just owners who have not done proper research before purchasing them.

easy to care for pets

4. Parrot

Parrots are also easy to care for pets if you start raising them since the early years. They are wonderful, human-like pets because they are playful and intelligent. Their lifespan is up to 80 years. Thus, it is better for a parent not to buy their small child a parrot because parrots become attached to humans. It is important to know that parrots cannot be put in a small cage. Sometimes they need an area as big as a small room to have some space to fly around.

Regular cleaning is also necessary. So, parrots are easy to care for pets, but only if you have enough space for them. You should learn parrots’ body language as well. If an owner misses understanding their behavior of having a wish to go back to the cage and does not keep kissing them, these unconscious owners may end up getting a bite or scream.

Indeed, small animals can make great, low maintenance pets. But they still need a proper living environment, a healthy diet, some care from their owners and adequate medical attention. The required maintenance plan shall be followed for every species individually. It is not enough to give a cool easy pet you shelter equal to one square meter of space for it to enjoy it quietly without bothering you. At least you shall be responsible for the pet you adopted.

easy to care for pets

5. Cat

We shall discuss cats as well. Cats may be low maintenance pets because they groom themselves and could be easily taught to use the toilet, what is more, they’re definitely cute and fluffy, and they can keep you entertained for hours. They are friendly and make a perfect decoration for any apartment adapting like chameleons to any surroundings.

Many breeds of cats are available like Persian, Ragdoll, Scottish fold, American Bobtail, Bombay cat and others. Required maintenance is not so complex, just regular medical care and vaccination.

Having looked through the description of the easiest pets to take care of have you chosen any companion for you and your kid? Off all the best small pets for kids and adults, which one you think is the best fit for your home? But you don’t need any suggestions if you are going to choose a dog as a pet.

easy to care for pets

6. Dog

Dogs are loyal, adorable, easy to train, and adaptable. They could spread happiness and save your home. What is more important, they are very easy pets to take care of. They can do jobs for you, for example, bring your post, drink your beer and whatever else. Training dogs at an early stage of life will make them disciplined and committed. To kids as well if they participate in the process. Dogs will provide security and stability if you raise them properly.

easy to care for pets

7. Hedgehog

Some other small companions are to be considered as well. Hedgehogs are the easiest pets to care for because, first of all, they are shy and prefer to hide when they feel any risk. They would not attack you or your children without any reason. Hedgehogs are prickly. They are aimed at defending themselves from predators. They are not aggressive. They don’t tend to assault their companion, they just use their spines for defense.

These are easy animals to take care of. You may just leave them food and some milk for them to enjoy. There are some disadvantages, however. If a hedgehog curls up making a ball your children shall be quite patient to make it show its face. Secondly, these pretty animals could run a marathon every night making their owners crazy with some shuffling movements.

What else, some species are dangerous, for example, the long-eared hedgehog is naturally parasite prone and can carry diseases as bad as plague. Thus, it is highly recommended to buy one from a respected dealer.

easy to care for pets

8. Ferret

Ferrets are highly energetic and adorable pets. They are full of curiosity, and this behavior sometimes turns out to be a big responsibility for a pet owner. If your home is not ferreted proof you may risk your or your neighbor’s property being destroyed or lost.

Ferrets are suitable for homes that have kids above 12 years of age. An annual checkup is recommended for ferrets after age 5. A proper nutrition plan shall be provided, and regular consultations with a vet are essential.

easy to care for pets

9. Hamster

Hamster is a small, beautiful, handy and furry animal. They are cheap to buy and they live in a cage. Hamsters are pets that are easy to take care of and they need to be treated with patience and care, as they are nippy, quiet and aggressive by nature.

If you choose hamsters to be your companion, then it’s better you choose larger breed like, Syrian hamster which can grow up to 17 cms. Just like fish, Hamster can also be left alone for a week or a few days. They are confined to cages, so they won’t bother much. If you are planning to have a couple of hamsters, prepare yourself to accommodate a large family of hamster soon, as they reproduce very quickly.

The breeding period for this pet is just 2 weeks. Hamsters shall be given suitable food: grains, seeds, nuts, corn, and, surely, fresh water to drink. Their cages should be cleaned regularly.

easy to care for pets

10. Turtle

Turtle is a very affectionate reptile that many people like to keep as well. The fact that they live longer than other pets shows quite clearly that they are certainly one among the easy pets to take care of. They are decent and silent.

Your kids would like it and enjoy spending time observing them and feeding them. Being prone to injury, turtles shall not be presented to little kids who are not enough careful and could hurt internal organs of a turtle.

easy to care for pets

11. Squirrel

Squirrel is an extremely adorable and cute animal. Some of you surely have met them in the parks and treated with nuts, having a dream to adopt and train them. Nevertheless, opinions differ, while some people say squirrels are quite approachable, others would strictly object the idea of having such a pet at home.

However, raising a squirrel since baby times humans may achieve good results, although these results will be lost during adolescence times when squirrels could become aggressive. But a great plus is they are pets that are easy to take care of.

Thus, studies and experiments showed that having a pet is great. It could reduce stress, increase productivity, promote good health and, in effect, keep people happy and enthusiastic. Being companions, humans, and pets shall always accompany and support each other!!!

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