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Which Pets Smell the Least?

Have you ever had the experience of keeping a pet? Did you want your child to be more disciplined and responsible? Was the reason for you to keep a guinea pig connected with its small size and little space occupied? Did you think first about pets that don’t smell, for instance, least stinky dogs, when your child kept whining … making you go mad. It’s better to give your consent than to postpone this issue until the next day of moaning. Odorless dog breeds surely exist, but you are not to go to the pet store to get some immediately.

First, you shall consider several important factors:

  • How much space will this pet occupy?
  • Will it be easy to care for?
  • Does this pet require much time to be spent with?
  • Is it the best low maintenance pet, which means it is not only cheap by itself, but does not need a lot of investment to keep it comfortable and happy?
do chinchillas smell bad
Do chinchillas smell bad?


Many potential pet owners would ignore the latter questions and pay more attention to the fact that the pet they are going to buy is odor-free and it is neat enough not to bother the owner with every-day cleaning. For example, chinchillas are cute rodents, a size something between a hamster and a rabbit. Do chinchillas stink is the last question people, especially children, ask when they see these cute animals sold.

You know, chinchillas like having dust baths, so if you are not a fan of dust 2 meters’ surrounding the cage be careful. Do chinchillas smell? No, but is it the main reason for you to shelter it? You cannot squeeze them like cats, they do not purr, so, being pets that don’t smell they maybe not the best companions, after all.

do chinchillas stink
Do chinchillas smell?

In reality, it is difficult to put up with smelly pets that spoil your property and annoy you running around at night. Secondly, …  No second thought to help you, you are alone with your child begging for another cute resident) But still you may oblige your child to clean the cage or walk the dog. This step may either encourage your kid to be more responsible or would make him or her refuse the idea.

Coming back to the question of least smelly pets… Rejoice!!! as there are lots of pet options for you to choose!

So which pets smell the least? In no particular order, these pets give off little or no odor: gecko, house rabbit, fish, rodents like chinchilla and fancy rat, and birds like the budgie. Snakes like the ball pythons don’t stink either.

pets that don t smell
Pets that don’t really smell are geckos


Pets that don’t really smell are geckos, for example, and it makes them popular among pet owners. Leopard geckos are especially beautiful. You could even postpone your engagement by presenting such a cute entertaining toy to your girlfriend. Cleaning the tank regularly you will avoid any unpleasant smells. Coconut husk collected by blond virgins) is the preferred bedding.


House rabbits are naturally clean but still need to be brushed because they shed a few times a year. Their droppings are not stinky, but the ammonia in their urine is, so regular cleaning of the litter box or the bedding is necessary.

pets that dont smell
House rabbits are naturally clean


Have you ever smelled fish? Not surely at the moment when you were going to buy or cook it in order to check if it was fresh. But have you ever smelled alive aquarium fish? If you did, you understood it was odor-free.

However, a fish tank can give off a foul odor like something is rotten if there is something wrong with the tank. Keep the filtration system clean and replace water regularly, and you shouldn’t have any odor issues. A well-maintained freshwater tank should give off an earthy aroma, while a clean saltwater tank should give off a scent like a beach. Fish calm your mind and soul. And that is the main reason to keep them.

pets that don t smell
Have you ever smelled fish?

Animals in cages such as rodents or rabbits should be odor-free as well. If you smell something, it is probably the ammonia from urine. Bedding or litter boxes shall be changed regularly. Using a little baking powder under the bedding will help with the smell.

pets that don t smell
Rats are odorless pets


Rats are odorless pets that are creatures that are surprisingly clean and intelligent and know 100+ recipes. Do you remember Remy from a 2007 American computer-animated comedy film “Ratatouille”? Their small size and quietness make them perfect office pets. They are engaged in self-grooming and even groom each other. They don’t have to take baths either. But having a female rat is preferable since the males usually like to mark their territory with urine. Rats are odorless, but their urine is not!

pets that don t smell
Healthy bird droppings do not smell


If you smell an odor coming from pet birds, the most common source is not the bird itself but the birdcage. Healthy bird droppings do not smell, but if left for a long time in the cage, they will get an odor. Be sure to change the liner daily. Urine and droppings absorbed in a liner are the key sources of smells in a birdcage. You should also be sure to replace food and water daily in clean containers. Keeping a clean cage is the best remedy to get rid of any odor.

pets that don t smell
Ferrets have a strong odor

What pets smell the most? Ferrets!

Ferrets have a strong odor, even when their musk glands are removed. Skunks also have an odor, but not for the reason many people have in mind. Even with their scent glands removed, their droppings and urine have a very strong smell.

Which dogs smell the least?

So, if you would like to have some not smelly pets it’s worth considering least smelly dog breeds or, maybe, vice versa, the smelliest dog breeds to avoid any wrong choice. This issue may be particularly important because many companies like Amazon, Build-a-Bear, Google and Nestlé follow dog-friendly workplace policies and keep office dogs, which can improve staff morale and encourage employees to work longer hours. It’s easy to understand why. They do not need to rush home to let their dogs out at the end of the day.

Thus, having pets in the workplace provides a number of benefits, such as creating a more productive work environment, releasing stress and anxiety, improving overall emotional and physical health, and decreasing employee absenteeism.

If we’re talking about the most conventional pets, keep in mind that there are some dog breeds that smell more than most: Boxers are known for their flatulence, English Bulldogs have skin folds and prone to dental issues leading to odors and bad breath. Shar Peis, Cocker Spaniels, and Bloodhounds all have oil content coats and tend to give off or collect odors more than many other dogs.

smelliest dog breeds
Sweet and cute Cocker Spaniels become a bit smelly because of their sensitive skin

For instance, playful giants Labradors love puddles and have greasy skin, which sometimes makes them not very fragrant. Sweet and cute Cocker Spaniels become a bit smelly because of their sensitive skin, they secrete their odor if temperature changes even a little! Pugs have many folds in their skin and shall be cleaned frequently to prevent humidity and infections from setting in. Not only, but they also suffer from flatulency! Basset Hounds slaver and have long floppy ears that can be the source of nasty smells if they become wet and dirty.

There are lots of ways to keep dogs from being stinky. First of all, they should be washed with delicate dogs’ soap and dried carefully. Sprays or deodorants only cover up unpleasant smells, thus, they shall not be used. Another important thing is brushing dogs regularly to get rid of dead hair, and getting all the knots out because they accumulate dirt!

Another good way to prevent nasty smells is to dress the dog in a raincoat choosing from a great assortment of colors and materials to fit your taste when you go out for a walk and protect him from rain and humidity.

Popular low odor dog breeds are basenji, poodle, dalmatian, schnauzer, Boston terrier, pomeranian, and the bichon frise. If you are looking for the pets that don’t smell, in particular, odorless dogs’ breeds, the following list is worth being considered.

low odor dog breeds
Dalmatians are odorless medium-sized energetic dogs

Dalmatians are odorless medium-sized energetic dogs loved all over the world. They have a short coat that somehow repels dirt. They are very clean animals by nature. However, they tend to shed a lot. Dalmatians are to be brushed weekly, but baths could be taken a few times a year.

pets that don t smell
Simple brushing keeps Pomeranian’s magnificent beauty

Pomeranian is a tiny dog who has a large personality! Although it has a luxurious and full coat, simple brushing keeps its magnificent beauty. Regular baths and using baby powder during brushing is all you need to keep them smelling fresh. This breed is prone to dental problems, so frequent teeth brushing is recommended. Their independence makes them low maintenance and perfect domestic and office animals.

dog breeds that don't smell
Boston Terrier is an intelligent and entertaining breed

Boston Terrier is an intelligent and entertaining breed. These are dogs that don’t smell or shed much, but their ears shall be cleaned regularly. Owners of Boston Terrier would not worry about their odor, these are dogs that don’t stink if they are provided with high-quality food. They tend to be gassy if they are not maintained with a proper nutrition plan.

Fortunately, there are some odorless breeds or non-smelly dogs, that are just the thing you are looking for! Read more and discover the top least smelly dogs!

pets that don t smell
West Highland White Terriers belong to dog breeds that do not smell

West Highland White Terrier is one of the most loved terriers of the middle size that have no trouble living in small apartments. Having a wire coating, they do not shed much. They are also gorgeous, intelligent and affectionate, and they belong to dog breeds that do not smell. The latter fact, surely, makes their owners happier.

least smelly dogs
Yorkshire Terriers do not smell

Yorkshire Terriers do not smell, which is connected with their historical origins. Yorkies have been bred for generations with the aim to create the perfect lap dog that likes human company, is playful, does not shed a lot and does not smell. Scientists could achieve all these purposes having bred lots of generations of Yorkshire Terriers and could not only make them look perfect but become the best companions for upper-class girls who may not afford any intoxicating scent coming from them.

dogs that smell the least dog that doesn't smell dog breeds that dont smell
Maltese is a small dog breed that doesn’t smell

Maltese is a small dog breed designed to coexist closely with humans. These pocket dogs don’t smell or shed much since humans never enjoyed those features much. Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, and Shih Tzu are the most preferable lap dog breeds. They are all very affectionate and intelligent, do not require much maintenance and entertainment, and they don’t shed or smell, all these characteristics make them perfect pets for small apartment spaces.

pets that dont smell
the Havanese does not give off any unpleasant smells typical for dogs

The Havanese differs from the miniature-dogs mentioned above not so much, it has a double-layered coat. This quality is really valuable because these dogs shed even less than the trio fantastico of Yorkie-Maltese–Shi Tzu. Moreover, the Havanese does not give off any unpleasant smells typical for dogs.

If you would like to have some attractive and unusual, even exotic, dog breed the Kerry blue terrier is a middle-sized indoor pet suitable for you. First of all, they do not tend to shed thanks to their thick, curly coat, and secondly, they do not smell.

odorless dogs breeds
The Bearded Collie is a dog breed that does not smell

The Bearded Collie is one of those sparse big dog breeds that make splendid indoor pets, have a very reliable character and, being long-haired dogs, they nevertheless shed less than one would expect. The Bearded Colie is a dog breed that does not smell. If you love big dogs, but still would like your apartment to be clean, this breed ideally fits your needs!

low odor dog breeds
Bichon Frise belongs to the dog breeds that do not stink

Bichon Frise is characterized by a tiny size and friendly personality, which makes them fit in anywhere. They belong to the dog breeds that do not stink. Their coat is non-shedding and therefore hypoallergenic. They are easily trained and easily groomed. Despite their small size, they are very tough dogs. They are often a good choice as a therapy dog.

The Bichon Frise, along with the Poodle, is a hairy dog breed that sheds almost nothing, due to a very thick curly coat that prevents either dandruff or hair to fall off. In addition, the gorgeous and fun-loving Bichon Frise also doesn’t smell which makes it a perfect dog to keep as an indoor house pet… It suits for children because these dogs are very joyful and like being entertained by kids.

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a good breed to keep indoors, first of all, because it produces very little or no smell. Due to its easy temper, affectionate character and super-cute curly hair that prevents shedding they are loved by potential dog owners at first sight.

dogs that dont stink
Labradoodles do not smell or shed

Another breed raised especially to help those people who suffer from allergies to enjoy having a companion is Labradoodle. It is cross-breed that was specifically designed to give people allergic to dog dandruff a chance to actually have a company dog. These dogs do not smell or shed, which makes them hypoallergenic dogs like Bichon Frise. You know, this cross-breed combines the best features of two other popular breeds – Labradors and Poodles.

Dachshunds who are lively and cheerful dogs are excellent family pets because they like to hunt and play. They shed very little and don’t smell which makes them good indoor pets. However, their favorite occupation is digging. They really, really like doing it, though. However, that’s not the point for discussion here. The reason why they’re on this list is that they are completely stink-free.

which dogs smell the least
Basenji is an African breed. They are highly intelligent and like to keep clean

Basenji is an African breed known as a barkless dog. But, you know, they could still make other sounds and noises. They are highly intelligent and like to keep clean. They have a short, vibrant coat, and it makes them dogs that don’t smell. Indeed, their owners have to bathe them every few months, and it is quite sufficient to keep them clean and odor-free. They’re known for their lack of a distinctive odor, as a matter of fact.

This quality helps them to be great hunters because their prey does not feel any smell; the same quality makes them ideal companions for people who dislike any smelly dogs. The Basenji will fit in perfectly in your clean apartment.

The Whippet is a middle-sized dog originally bred to chase the prey. Bright and sensitive, they are one of the best low odor dog options you may choose from. The Whippet is short-haired, and shedding is not too excessive with them, it does not bother their owners so much. What concerns the point we discuss here, Whippets are completely smell-free.

pets that don t smell
Schnauzer is a dog that is almost odorless

Schnauzer is a dog that is almost odorless and does not shed despite it has a long coat. Even though they don’t shed, the longer coat requires frequent brushing to avoid tangling. They are very intelligent dogs and can adapt to any surroundings. Brushing their teeth a few times a week to avoid tartar build-up, which leads to bad breath, could also be necessary.

Schnauzers are rough, double-coated dogs, which, if groomed regularly, shed very little, and have an amazing character which, depending on the size, makes them intelligent guard dogs, companions or lap dogs. They do not make any unpleasant smell, and since they come in three sizes, they fit all kinds of criteria for both outdoor or indoor pets.

pets that don't smell
Poodles are known for being great family dogs!

A poodle is another breed among the most popular dogs, various sizes of them could help you find the companion to fit every situation. Their hair is high maintenance, but they do not shed, and they are hypo-allergenic, so they do very well with people that have sensitive allergies. Frequent brushing of the hair and teeth are necessary but their elegant appearance and lack of smell are worth it to most owners.

Originally the Poodle breed was aimed as a “blueprint” for creating Labradoodle’s characteristics regarding non-shedding and non-odor features and to be a hypoallergenic dog breed. They were also supposed to be companions for aristocrats.

Poodles are the least stinky dogs, in the opinion of many dogs’ breeders. And although their original purpose has changed, they could still make their owners feel aristocratic. In any case, they are still perfect indoor pets that do not smell or shed. Poodles are also known for being great family dogs!

There are also some general maintenance measures to be undertaken to have the pets that don’t smell. From time to time some slightly smelly aroma is typical for all dogs, but some breeds may be more ‘fragrant’ than others. In reality, the aromas dogs give off can be caused by different amounts of glandular secretions, and these vary depending on their breed.

Nevertheless, bad smells can also be caused by improper diet, bacteria or allergy. Nutrition is rather important for any pet, and controlling nutrition plan and providing the appropriate diet you may make your companion less gassy and stinky even if they tend to. Certain breeds or animals may be gassier than others so a gassy-prone breed may need to have their diet changed until the gas stops.

Dogs’ owners could also give their pets vitamins and supplements to control gassiness. Dental and gum issues will result in bad breath, so it is important to inspect teeth regularly and even brush them if possible. Some hard food or items/ toys to chew may be helpful as well. Odors can also be a good clue to check if there is any sickness, disease, or injury a veterinarian could help the owner identify and cure.

Some unfavorable weather conditions, rain, and humidity make bad smells even stronger! You know, a dog’s aroma comes from the excrement of fungi and bacteria that thrive in the sebum his skin produces. When his hide is dry the smell is not so strong and may be even unnoticed, but when he gets wet the water interrupts the connections that keep the microscopic particles together and volatile elements are released into the air, wafting into our nostrils.  Thus, if you understand that your dog belonging to the breed that doesn’t smell becomes stinky apply to a vet. The problem caught at an early stage is half-solved.

If you have made the decision basing on this article wish you good luck dealing with your pet whose smell you like or at least do not feel)

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