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An Animal in the Attic…

“I hear something in my attic. There are some noises in the attic at night!” are the words some neighbors of mine say almost in a whisper as if those creatures who occupy their attic may wish to object.

Nevertheless, our homes are the largest investments of most of us, thus, we expect no extra guests inside. And before you imagine the worst scenarios possible like ghosts or zombies, or huge reptiles coming from sewage systems like in “Crawl” movie let us be realistic to understand who makes that noise and why. As a matter of fact,  could it be the revenge of your neighbor who hates you listening to loud music and wants you to think you are attacked by aliens? If not, go deeper.

scratching noise in attic

Some animal in the attic may produce some noise or sounds a human may have a problem to recognize, but the following identification instruction will help you to find out the culprit or to shelter some cute semi-wild animal and its family) Something in the attic may be a leaking pipe making some noise, as a matter of fact.

How to tell what kind of animal is in my attic?

How to tell what kind of animal is in your attic is not a problem if you could call a professional, but if you are short of money you may initiate your own investigation. Analyze if noises in attic come at night or during the daytime, if it is knocking sound in the attic or scratching in the attic if noises in the attic are frequent or random if attic sounds come from your floor, walls or ceiling (do you seem to be trapped?)

bats in attic noise
What do bats sound like in the attic?

The first step you may undertake is watching those creatures go in and out of your house. The most common wildlife species may occupy your attic. And if you are lucky you may see the ceremony of your products being stolen by critters living in the attic) them becoming Instagram stars and you having a lot of subscribers.

Sounds like someone walking in my attic…

Recognizing the sound will narrow down the options. Thumps are typically an indication of larger animals in the attic, like opossums or raccoons. Sometimes it sounds like someone walking in the attic. This sound is associated with the animals moving around the attic, dragging a heavy object, destroying something, or just shoving among themselves.

But, you know, scratching sound in the attic does not always point to the animal you are to search. If, for example, a tiny mouse makes some scratching noise in attic right along the drywall found immediately above your head and your home is quiet, this will sound much louder than a large raccoon scratching the wood beam on the other side of your home, especially if you are busy watching your favorite TV serial.

Do you hear it at night or during the day?

Most animals have a specific time to be active. The time you hear animals in the attic is a big clue. Do you hear any animal in the attic at night or during the day? If it’s going on during the day, then it is almost certainly a squirrel.

squirrel in my attic at night

Squirrels in attic sound show their activity, for example,  they roll nuts or other debris around in the attic, although flying squirrels are typically active at night. Squirrel in the attic at night may be mixed with some other animal in attic scratching, for instance, mice or rats, but baby squirrels will produce some specific sounds. What else, within six weeks baby squirrels will become rather active, and you will notice them, for sure.

What do bats sound like in the attic?

If you hear the sound at night mainly, those animals in the attic are either mice, raccoons, bats or a flying squirrel. If only every couple of nights, most likely mice, coons or bats. If you only hear some critters in the attic occasionally you shall determine if the sound is loud or very soft. Bats, mice, and raccoons will all make noise in an attic, and all of them can scratch, but the animal in attic scratching at night typical for bats is very soft. What do bats sound like in the attic? They sound almost like someone’s fingers rubbing on the other side of the wall.

Birds in attic noise are different, especially if they get stuck in your wall or making a nest in your attic. If they get stuck inside, you will hear them scratching or clawing as a way to get out. Getting a bird invasion in the attic is not very common, but it could happen. If you hear it at night, ask yourself if it occurs every single night, or only occasionally. If every single night, then you are most likely dealing with a flying squirrel.

animal in attic scratching at night

Some reptiles like snakes make slithering sounds, while chirping may indicate birds or baby raccoons. Keep in mind baby raccoons are usually born in April or May, so if you hear this chirping much earlier or later than that, it is probably not coons. Bats in attic noise are some squeaking.

Nevertheless, even being guided with this instruction, you still may be uncertain what’s in the attic. Some animals in the attic aimed at finding a safe place to give birth to its offspring may be relatively silent and you will notice its presence only after babies become more active. Baby raccoons, for example, have a distinct vocal chatter.

What should I do?

If you find some occupants in your attic the next reasonable step is to get rid of them. The animal in attic removal may be problematic, although not impossible. There are also some preventive measures that will lessen the likelihood of random wildlife in your attic.

noises in attic at night

First, keep garbage and other food sources contained.

Second, do not allow water to gather and pool around your property, animals who turn to be thirsty will be attracted.

Third, secure potential entries to your attic that may be used by animals.

And most importantly, do not kill random wildlife anyway! Do not make a caring mother squirrel abandon her little babies who may die! Be human and respectful! Everybody deserves some territory in your attic. Don’t they?

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