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Animal Jam is a safe fun site under the National Geographic brand which offers various great educational games. The options given allow kids of all ages to find something in Animal Jam they could be really involved in. Many parents are happy with their child playing Animal Jam. Some adults even have their own accounts because they believe everyone should play! Animal Jam emails are open-access information.

So, in case any question arises Animal Jam headquarters or staff who support Animal Jam will easily answer any question or solve the problem of a user. Contact AJHQ and get a response is a tip that is easy to follow. AJHQ Animal Jam emphasizes that their Animal Jam Friendly Community offers lots of gifts for account owners, as well as they, like to get some emails from them to make their service better and satisfy the target audience.

This game is moderated. What else, parents have a chance to monitor their child’s online play and be sure that everything goes in accordance with the rules. Your child will learn how to deal with different scenarios on the web and how to avoid being scammed.

Use Animal Jam hq phone number or Animal Jam number if you wish to reach some technical support specialist or you need to solve some problem. Some Jammers do not have problems but just wonder where Animal Jam  AJHQ is located and what is Animal Jam’s number. It’s no surprise, but this information how to contact Animal Jam is easily available online. They are always glad to be supportive what concerns solving problems and amazed and interested when some kids are eager to share their drawings, ideas or best regards. There are several ways you can let Animal Jam know about anything you’d like to contribute.

Somebody may want to find animal jam hq email because they wish to learn if in fact, it’s possible to call Animal Jam or if Animal Jam email address is not fake. Or, maybe, just out of curiosity.  You could also send them a fan e-mail. For whatever reason you need Animal Jam  address and Animal Jam  email, here you are:

Animal Jam

PO Box 3624

Salt Lake City UT, 84110-3624

You can email AJHQ if you have any issues/glitches with the game, get scammed, or any other in-game problem.  Sometimes AJHQ can be pretty slow at replying though. For you to know, Ajhq is an Animal Jam account that is used by Animal Jam Headquarters (AJHQ for short) to interact with their players more.

[email protected] .com

If you have any questions about your membership or billing, there is another email to contact:  [email protected] .com

So if you’ve tried all the previous options and still haven’t got the response you’re searching, the last option would be to try calling them.  This is the phone number listed for AJHQ.

 (888) 340-7313

Animal Jam Headquarters loves to receive letters, but be aware that they are very busy and might not be able to respond immediately.

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