possum symbolism

Possum Meaning and Symbolism

Possums, or opossums, are small mammals that inhabit many areas of our planet, damage gardens, and lawns and destroy the fruits of our labor. Thus, possum symbolism is usually supposed to be not very positive, and these animals are mostly seen as pests in real life.

Night serves excellent camouflage for them. A well-known trick of them is to roll over and play dead when predators approach. Possums will even exude a scent to make it smell as if they are dead, and they could maintain this state for up to four hours.

possum spirit animal

The opossum can enter and leave this state abruptly – pretty much at will. This act serves to confuse many predators. The surprise distracts them, and the opossum is able to escape. It is this kind of flexibility and ease of appearance that the opossum can teach those humans with opossum animal totem.

This trick helps opossums to survive in extremely dangerous habitats. Such characteristics as protection, wilderness, unpredictability, and adaptability are typical for possums. So, possum symbolism is not something imaginary or fully based on prejudice, there is certainly some connection between the real prototype and spiritual meaning of possum.

possum symbolism

What does a possum symbolize? What does it mean when you dream about possums?

These are the questions we are going to answer.

Being weird but intelligent and resourceful at the same time, opossums have not only unique behavior patterns but physical qualities as well. A possum has an amazing immune system, making it even venom-resistant. So, dreams about possums may mean that you will not fall ill, or venom of gossip and slander won’t relate to you.

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What does it mean when you see a possum?

Dreams about possums usually have a positive meaning. Dead possum omen in a dream is lucky. The roots for such interpretation are clear: allegedly ‘dead’ possum is not lifeless for sure, intelligent use of the trick is actually the symbol of watchfulness, prudence, loyalty, vigilance, and self-defense.

What does seeing a possum means if it has a ringtail?

It could denote you are good at solving problems. What does it mean to see a possum that is white? This possum dream meaning is obvious: you shall not fear of anything as all the troubles have gone. Seeing a dream of a possum who is going to attack you means some person envies you and could cause some harm.

dead possum meaning

A baby possum in a dream means that you are dominated by some individual, you are dependent on him or her like baby opossums depend on their mother carrying them in a sack. A bad omen denoting illness or death is a possum digging a hole.

Having a possum as your spirit animal (Opossum Totem Animal)

If your spirit animal is a possum, then you are a person having some very valuable features of character. Possum spiritual meaning is to include the ability to be patient and calm, on the one hand, but brave and adventurous as well as ready for new experiences in your life, on the other hand.

spiritual meaning of possum

Possum animal totem is the clue to understanding the brighter side of life. Opossum spiritual meaning shall also certainly include its outstanding artistic talent. That’s the opossum spirit animal’s defense mechanism which is used to confuse predators. This spiritual meaning of opossum highlights the need for diverse strategies, including manipulation, while dealing with certain people.

Viewed from another angle, the possum spirit animal behavior may be interpreted as the way to get prepared for the next serious stage, for example, fight with your enemy or competitor. Possum spirit animal refers not only to some person who avoids risks but to the one who may pull together and attack in case of necessity.

possum spirit animal

Thus, the opossum symbolism is a reminder that you are surrounded by people who wear masks in order to get what they want. Possum symbolism can also make us keep in mind the idea to behave or act in a strategic manner and not to show our true feelings to other people.

When opossum shows up as a totem, ask yourself some important questions. Do you act in a proper manner? Do you need to use any tricks or specific strategies dealing with other people? Do you need to divert attention away from some activity of yours?

what does it mean when you dream about possums

Opossum teaches how to behave in complex life situations being able to survive but not losing your individuality. Your opossum spirit animal is telling you that you can do that. Making a step backward does not mean being defeated, that is just a short pause to be filled with energy and have a fresh start!

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