what is the quietest animal

What is the Quietest Animal?

Have you asked this question because of curiosity? Have you been interested in what animal or, maybe, a pet can cause less noise than others? Would you like to frighten your friends during Halloween party bringing noiseless predator as you believed crocodiles could creep up silently? And cause no harm) Do you have any other reason to ask the question about the quietest animals, anyway, welcome to read our fascinating, semi-scientific materials…

Owls: approachable and wise or dangerous silent killers?

In many movies, books, and TV shows, owls are shown to be incredibly friendly, intelligent and affectionate pets. Pets… Are you sure they could be called pets? Certainly, in many cases not. Having a domesticated owl companion is not an absolutely good idea… If you are not a Harry Potter. Owls look cute, approachable and wise, according to some books and movies, but turn to be dangerous silent killers in reality.

what is the quietest animal in the world

Do you know why? Because they can fly so silently that they will be only a few inches from its predator before being detected. What concerns victims, they risk to die before they notice an owl. Being the quietest animal in the world, adult owls fly almost soundlessly through the trees. You know, when most birds fly, the air turbulence created by wing flapping produces sound, and, typically, the larger and faster a bird is, the noisier its flight. But not owls. Even large species like the Barn Owl or Great Horned Owl can fly virtually silently—a quality that has long fascinated scientists.

Do you still want an owl as your pet and hope to keep it in a cage like a parrot enjoying wise nods on whatever was said aloud? Forget it. Owls are aimed at killing silently not at interacting people like parrots.

Owls are the quietest animals in the world

Being almost the quietest animals in the world, owls are equipped with highly developed stealth technology that helps them swoop on prey undetected. The nocturnal hunters have feathers that absorb aerodynamic sound and suppress the vibrations that occur when a bird beats its wings. During the flight, an owl’s feathers extract mechanical energy and convert it into heat. The result is perfect silence as it approaches a mouse, vole or other prey.

Many owls, being the quietest animals, have a unique and fascinating ability to fly so silently that they are out of their prey’s hearing range, due to their feather structure. Of all birds, it is the king of acoustic stealth. It does not only manage to suppress aerodynamic noise when gliding but also mechanical noise caused by vibration during flying.

This behavior has long been of interest to engineers, as they seek to apply the owl’s noise-reduction mechanisms to other purposes and situations that benefit society. Thus, some technologies used by quiet animals could be really useful for humans.


Sharks are not chatterboxes either, they are rather exceptional hunters and they are also one of the quietest animals at sea. They have very special scales that enables the water to flow by without making any sound whatsoever. This makes then the super predator of the sea and animals will never know what’s coming when the Shark is approaching.

what is the quietest animal

Some other silent animals

There are some other silent animals. But the reasons for them to be silent may vary. For example, some animals do not make sounds, at least not sounds that are audible to the human ear. Which animals seem to be silent because they make no sounds? First of all, these are animals that will not communicate using their vocal box or mouth. Surely, all animals can produce some mechanical sounds when they move, eat, or fight, but these are not sounds we tend to consider as the way to communicate in its ordinary sense. Second, some animals are silent because they don’t have brains, and in order to make conscious communication it is absolutely necessary.

silent animals


Jellyfish, for instance,  is completely silent because they are simple creatures having no brains. Swimming in the ocean you may enjoy watching them, but it is better not to touch them. As soon as they sting you, you will not stay completely silent. All the people surrounding you will identify where silent but insidious jellyfish is.

quiet animal

A worm

Another silent animal is a worm. The typical way of communication using sounds is unknown to them, but they feel soil vibrations and can avoid enemy attack. But after all, worms spend their lives underground where it is problematic to find a good company to talk to.

what is the quietest animal

Sea Urchins

Sea Urchins don’t communicate with their mouth either. Like jellyfish, they have no brains. But they can float around and eat some algae or some other slow-moving animals. On the other hand, they could be called quiet animals because moving very slowly, crawling with their tube feet, they almost make no sound. You should bother much in order to hear their tiny legs walking on the little pebbles at the bottom of the ocean (or in the aquarium).


Fish seem to be totally silent as well. But in reality, some fish can utter vocalizations, for example, goldfish can make some strange sounds through the mouth used to express dominance, fear, or pain.

silent animal

So, one of the main reasons why humans believe that some animals are quiet is because they have no vocal cords like people, and the sounds they make are different from what we used to believe to be human language. But that does not mean that they are completely silent at all times. A stressed-out rabbit can make some terrifying grunting sounds as if they imitate pain. But most of the time it will just sit quietly and do its business eating carrots. Giraffes can do infrasonic sounds which are sounds inaudible to the human ear to communicate with each other.

You know, snails are also silent animals as they are slow. And only if it gets back to its house you could hardly hear some sound. There are some other animals that are not noisy, there were only a few species described in the article.

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